base复兴路位于上海黄浦区西藏南路567号复兴东路口,租赁电话:400-8090-550;由社区商业、办公楼、联合办公、和服务式公寓组成。总体量约17000㎡,其中1楼商业,2-3楼办公,4楼以上公寓;部分区域为co-living 。

Since base-FUXING is restored from a famous hotel, the design team atbase fully leverage the original layout of the place and come up with one-bedroom,two-bedroom, three-bedroom apartments, and public leisure spaces including a gym,a restaurant and a children’s playroom, creating an organic healthy-livingcommunity where you can meet and make new friends.
base-FUXINGkeeps the original façade of the building, and embellishes it with its mosticonic gray lacquer finish and white window frames. By a play of contrast withtextures and colors, the living space is instantly distinguishable from the workingspace. In addition, some apartments are built with large private terraces,where you can not only enjoy a panoramic view of the city, but also holdexclusive parties and other outdoor activities with friends. 

For the interior, thedesigners start with the idea of openness and lightness, as it is decorated bywhite walls and a concrete ceiling. The living space is divided into livingrooms and bedrooms by huge, black fixed furniture instead of walls, creatingmore space for storage. The sliding doors ensure privacy as well asflexibility. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in abundant light and offer aspectacular view of the city.

为此,建筑设计师从私密性及功能性两方面出发,在base-复兴路 COLIVING的1F-4F空间内划分出公共区域、半公共区域及私密区域等不同空间层级,既满足了住户的日常起居需求,也能让人们在此相互交流、拉进彼此的距离,获得更丰富灵动的社交体验。
Therefore, the designersunderline both privacy and function by dividing the 1F-4F of baseCOLIVING into public spaces,semi-public spaces and private spaces, in order to not only meet the needs ofresidents for everyday living, but also bring them closer together for a moredynamic social experience.

A walking distance toMetro Line 8 and Line 10, and well-connected to commercial districts likeHuaihai Road and Xintiandi, base-FUXINGis not only easily accessible and geographically advantageous, but also a versatileurban complex that features living, working and commercial spaces. Goingforward, base-FUXING will introducemore commercial facilities such as restaurants and convenient stores, serving thelife of its residents and the surrounding community and fostering a lifestylethat gathers one person with another, the internal with the external, and naturewith modernity

Service Manager
Service Manager
Cassie Yang